Free Town Herefords

Established 1906

Horned Herd of

the year

2014, 2015 and 2016


Grand Female Champion and Reserve Overall at the National Horned Show with FT Bryony, at just 9 months of age, and Reserve Male with FT Martyr.  Also winner of the best group of three animals, consisting of Bryony, Brisk and Notable.


Martyr and Bryony are both by Mara Humorous, who was the winner of the 'Best Stock Bull and Progeny' in the HCBA herd competition, and is leaving great quality and consistency through the herd. We were also winners of the Best Heifer calf with FT Plum 112th, and were placed second in the large herd category, second to the overall competition winners, J.Walker, Docklow.

martyr!!! ft-bryony DSC_8444web

A range of yearling bulls available for sale by Mara Humorous and SS Topline Powerhouse 888z, including:


FT Mentor, by Humorous - Apr 15.  

FT Nathaniel, by SS Powerhouse  - SUPERIOR CARCASS SIRE, Terminal EBVS +38, +45

FT Notable,   by SS Powerhouse - Terminal EBVS +41, +48, Top 1% of Breed.

FT Neptune, by Humorous

FT Nonsuch, by Humorous,    all above born Sep 15.








Other SIres in use recently include  FT Majestic, FT Mentor, Lanscombe 1 Rudolph and  Square-D Tortuga.

notable nonsuch nathaniel mentor17